Tattered Soul (GE)

Nowadays not only Scandinavian scene, but also other countries, like the German scene is a brewery of great upcoming promising bands filling the gap of older bands who quit or just simply chanced direction in music. Tattered Soul is one of those bands taking over that torch and makes sure it's flame will not fade out. This interview is done with vocalist Mictian. One of the persons giving life to Tattered Soul.

Greetings, and welcome Mictian,

Please, can you introduce the band to us, and the history how Tattered Soul came alive.

The answer to this is quite simple, the idea of founding the band came early to my mind.
I think it started when I was 12 or 13 years old, in the middle of my grunge phase.
Back then I listened to bands like 'Nirvana' or 'Alice in Chains' and also started to play the guitar.
A few years later I met Seth. Our musical tastes were very similar.

Black Metal became something special to us, since our youth it helped us to compensate all the bad experiences we made.
Also we were the only two listening to Metal in school, yet another reason why we have become such good friends.

We started to search for a suitable band, since this didn't work out we decided to call Tattered Soul into existence. The name is reminiscent of our childhood and adolescence, marked by bad experiences we've been through.

By the end of 2010 we gained a completely new and solid line up with both Wyvern and Varyag on guitars and Bane on drums.

In 2007 first demo was released called 'Let The Beast Awake'. How did this release come together, and what was the line-up back then?

I made the demo all by myself, during our long search for a drummer. It was not really good material, but the first step forward.

In 2008 the ep 'The Beginning' appeared. Did the title maybe had something to do with the band finding it's ultimate sound?

No, it was more like our first real starting point.

After this couple of more demos would entitled as a number, with demo 'VI (Final demo)' as final demo release. Was there a reason releasing such amount of demos before releasing a full length?

Our demos were made on period with Anfauglir on guitar and our old drummer Mürtel. They were only for ourselves.

It was never our intention to publish them. Instead we gave a few of them to people who asked for it.

The band had problems finding a suitable drummer for long time of period.I know the drummer Bane used to play guitars in the BM act 'As Stormclouds Gather' ,and also is active with Ungoliath. How did you meet up with him, and why the choice for him taking position behind the drumkit?

He is a friend of our label and the label boss told us that he moves to Berlin. He was looking for a new band, so we decided to invite him to one of our rehearsals and everything fitted together, which was in December 2010. Two months earlier Wyvern and Varyag joined us.

What is your part in the band besides being the vocalist. Do you help writing the songs, and do you also write the lyrics yourself?

I write the lyrics mostly alone. Bane and Varyag help me occasionally.
The debut of Tattered Soul 'Die Zerstörung Des Menschlichen Seins' (The destruction of human life) has been released in 2010 through Naturmacht Productions. Any words about it where it was recorded. What deals the lyrical theme about? 

The album was recorded within two days in a small studio here in the city on the edge of Berlin. The contents are different lyrics about death, suicide and anti-religious views. What is the band's most influential thing to keep going? Does the band has a certian philosophy in music as in lyrics?

The lyrics vary by every song. The treat my personal view on today's society.
We always try to do something different, whenever we start off with a new song. We are five people in the band, everyone with his own influences and experiences, what I think is very good. We don't want to sound like any other band, also we don't try to copy any other band. We're on the best way to develop our own style to the fullest.  

There is an upcoming recording planned for early next year (2012). Can you already tell us more about it? Where it will be recorded, and who will be responsible for the artwork of the upcoming new album?  

Yes that's right, we're planning to record the new album by the end of this year.
I can't give you any detailed information for now, yet I can say that the new stuff will surpass our debut album by far and will have a much wider sound spectrum. Our manager already has the right guy in mind to take care of the album artwork, but we're still debating about this.

There have been more than couple of succesful live shows already. Seems to me you guys are really active in playing gigs. So far they have been only in Berlin/Germany. A obvious choice, or does the band really wants to cross the border for eventual a tour perhaps?

Right, currently we're only active in Berlin. We played a gig at Metalfest Germany, in Dessau, in May 2011,but we would like to play on much more places and not only Berlin. In December we're gonna play three shows in Russia, together with Nabat.

Your final words ...  

Hails to every single one of our supporters, and thanks for the interviews Danny!
We're planning a completely new concept of stage performance. So beware, come to our gigs and let yourself be surprised.

want to wish you and Tattered Soul all best of luck with everything, and hope to see you guys soon perform live overhere in Holland.

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